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Lessons From My Father

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

My father gave my siblings and I the essential tools to live a successful life. With our tool box over filled with lessons I’d like to share 3 with you today.

1."It don't cost nothing to be nice."

Say hello to strangers, and if you can, help someone out. “You don’t know if that person just lost their best friend.”

At dad's celebration of life gathering his co-workers spoke (some crying as they spoke) on how much they would miss his cheerful good mornings and kind gestures around the hectic hospital.

2."Stay true to your motherf***in self."

That’s how my personal mantra “Be You Be True That’s Beautiful” all started.

Through some of my darkest days, and struggles with my identity his words and unconditional love gave me comfort, courage and strength to live authenticity.

3."Don’t be one of those shoulda, woulda, coulda people."

Live in the moment and make each day count!

Be intentional.

Always remind the people you love that you love them and show them with matching actions.

Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today . . .

“That was a good deep breath, alright I’ll holla at you lata”-Dad

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Bryce Rogers
Bryce Rogers
Jan 02, 2021

Honestly, people can go so far in life with these three pieces of advice! Plus the golden rule. Deliberate intentions from here on out 🤝😌🤞🏽

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