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Jay Cambridge




When my father died, unexpectedly in 2020, it was only 3 months after the death of my grandmother. I began transforming that pain by launching “The Intentional Movement”.

In honor of my father, I am making a promise to live each day mindfully and with intention.


I was born in the beautiful city by the bay, less than 24 hours before the 1989 earthquake hit San Francisco. A survivor from the beginning and the eldest of three.  My mother gave birth to three girls. However, I always felt different. Never feeling safe in the world and growing up as an empathic child, feeling others emotions, life was not very easy.


Fast forward to the end of 8th grade, my parents finalized their divorce and my mother moved my sisters and I to Las Vegas, Nevada. My high school years spent in Sin City.

One day, after having a very vivid dream, I found myself in an Air Force recruiter’s office and 4 months later was shipped off to boot camp.


The Air Force allowed me the opportunity to see the world through fresh eyes and leave the old world behind. Trained as military police, during down time, I experienced being a snowboarder in the alps, ate kimchi in Korea and being a young lover visiting Paris for the first time.


Living overseas for five years, allowed me to experience different cultures and people first hand. From the outside looking in, I was living the life. But, behind closed doors, I was being subjected to military sexual trauma and discrimination.

This soon led to suicidal ideations, extreme depression, anxiety, PTSD, and personality disorders. Inpatient hospitals turned into home. Leadership turned into enemies. After all I had seen and been through a decision was made  “to start my physical journey of being my true self or I simply could not live in this world.”


With the courage from my father, who always preached, "Be True to yourself", the physical transition began. With my heart now open to be free, the feeling of being more comfortable in my body grew with each passing day to today.


My military police tenure in the Air Force ended in 2014 after 6 years and 4 months. I served most of my time under the “Don’t ask Don’t tell” policy. Even after this policy was ended, it was simply unheard of to serves as an openly transgender person.


The next year was lonely and a battle to stay afloat. The struggle, both mentally and emotionally was far from easy. Along with this struggle, I went through a divorce and found myself turning to drugs to ease the pain. In and out of hospitals while still batting with depression and PTSD.

Soon I became sick and tired of battling 'sick and tired’.


After taking my first yoga class in one of the hospitals, watching a DVD while practicing on nothing but the carpet, it was the very first time I felt fully connected to my body. Remembering this feeling, the search for it again began which led to the first yoga class at TruFusion Studios. This is also when my first 'healthy addiction' was launched!  True healing began to transform my mind, body and soul. Holism was found, a knowing that parts of a whole cannot exist independently of the whole, physically, biologically and socially. A major life shift happened. I sold my house allowing me to let go of all personal attachments and travel to India.


Living in an Indian Ashram is where I really experienced a deep connection as one, realizing that we are a beautiful mix of both masculine and feminine energy. Through yoga, I have learned that our bodies, minds, and spirits are forever transitioning and discovered what it means to live truly aligned with our current truth.

Returning back to the States as a certified yoga instructor, I couldn’t get enough of teaching and advancing my training. Studying as much as possible, learning more about the mind, body and social connection has allowed me to help others on their healing journey. The more we all grow and heal together, the more we can connect with ourselves and impact our environment on all levels.


My goal is to inspire 1.2 Million people to be living their true authentic selves. To become whole again. To live each moment mindfully with intention, feeling Fully Alive!


Make a promise to yourself. Join The Intentional Movement! Together we will heal and make a difference.


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  • 200 hour yoga TT (Hatha/Astanga) – India

  • 200 hour yoga TT (Yinyasa) – TruFusion

  • 300 hour yoga TT (z-flow power yoga)- TruFusion/z- flow

  • Advance hands on assist- Z flow/ TruFusion

  • Trauma Recovery Yoga (kids, seniors, adults with PTSD and Limited mobility) – TRY

  • Pilates Mat- TruFusion

  • Pilates Reformer- PilatesWorks

  • Feldenkrais – CCSF

  • Center Advocacy Network (CAN) – Nationwide advocate

  • Culture competency trainer


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