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with Jay Cambridge

Be Intentional

Learn more about your mind, body and social connection while on your healing journey. The more we all grow and heal together, the more we can connect with ourselves, each other, and impact our world, environment, and entire collective consciousness on all levels!

Join “The Intentional Movement!” Together we will heal and make a difference.

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Make all the benefits of Intentional Movement more enjoyable and stress-free with our membership program. Videos updated weekly!

Mission Statement

We aim to provide individuals experiencing personal challenges, change and/or transitions access to holistic education, resources, and support to live an intentional life grounded in nutrition, health, mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Fun at Yoga


Access to all pre-recored Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, and Motivational videos. E-mail update for live classes and more!

Purpose Statement

1. To facilitate educational forums, workshops, and classes to help individuals having difficulty navigating life;s challenges, transitions, or change, live an intentional life.


2. Facilitate education and support for an individual's successful journey through gender identity or transition, help them cope with issues related to self-esteem, prejudice, bias, and build a supportive and interactive community. 

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About Jay

My goal is to inspire 1.2 Million people to live their most authentic life! To become whole again. To live each moment mindfully and with Intention, feeling fully Alive!

The Intentional Movement a Nonprofit Corporation pending IRS tax code 501c3 designation. ID #86-2321340

Live Outside the Box LLC, DBA Jay Cambridge ID#83-2983625

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